Sparrow Push Adds Push Notifications for Sparrow for iPhone

Sparrow for iPhone, an excellent alternative iOS-based email client, was released a few short days ago. Unfortunately the team was prohibited from including push notification capabilities no thanks to Apple. This missing feature makes the app a bit unusable for a large contingent of iOS users.

An independent developer has stepped up and is now offering a push notification solution for Sparrow for iPhone but there is one catch: the device must be jailbroken. If you require push notifications and are so enamored with Sparrow for iPhone you are unable to wait, then look no further. This might be just what the doctor ordered.

I do not jailbreak my iPhone so I have yet to try this, even though I sorely miss these notifications. In the meantime I continue to leave configured, receiving push notifications through the native iOS mail client. When I see new mail arrive I merely open Sparrow for iPhone, pull-to-refresh, and wham – new mail. It may not be an elegant solution but it works…for now.