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Hacking Team Hack Reveals Why Jailbreaking Your iPhone Is a Security Nightmare

I know many techies have this innate urge to tweak things and feel constrained by what Apple brings to the table with stock iOS, so they opt to jailbreak their beloved iPhone for various reasons. What a lot of people do not realize is, now confirmed by the Hacking Team hack, is jailbreaking your iPhone… Continue reading

Inside China’s iPhone Jailbreaking Industrial Complex

Forbes has done some outstanding writing on their article about inside China’s iphone jailbreaking industrial complex: It was a bizarre trip hosted by an equally bizarre and secretive entity called TaiG (pronounced “tie-gee”), which flew the hackers to China to share techniques and tricks to slice through the defences of Apple’s mobile operating system in… Continue reading

iOS9 Maps Does Not Offer Transit Directions in Japan, WTF?

iOS9 does not offer any transit directions in Japan, quite possibly the country with the largest, most comprehensive, and best transit system in the world. If Google Maps can do it, WTF is Apple incapable of launching iOS9 w/support for Japanese public transportation?

HOWTO Delete Old iCloud Backups and Free Up Space

If you ever need to know, or ever have to help someone else, here is a list of steps to take to delete old iCloud backups and free up space on your various Apple mobile devices: When a device is set to backup to iCloud, Apple automatically backs up data and settings stored locally on… Continue reading

Apple Is Freaking Ginormous!

I found this list explaining just how big Apple is really fascinating: Apple is worth almost twice as much as the world’s second largest company, Google (valued at $375 billion). Apple is worth as much as the second and third largest companies in the world (Google and ExxonMobil) combined. Apple is worth more than Walmart,… Continue reading

New Remote Exploit Leaves Most Macs Vulnerable to Permanent Backdooring

Ars Technica on a new remote exploit leaving most Macs vulnerable to permanent backdooring: Macs older than a year are vulnerable to exploits that remotely overwrite the firmware that boots up the machine, a feat that allows attackers to control vulnerable devices from the very first instruction. The attack, according to a blog post published… Continue reading

Spark, Best New iOS Email App, Reviewed

Federico Viticco reviews Spark by Readdle, a brand new iOS email client aiming to help you enjoy your email experience yet again I’ve had a complicated relationship with email over the years. Part of the problem has been the Sisyphean effort of third-party apps that tried to modernize email: the more developers attempted to reinvent… Continue reading

Apple Watch and Continuous Computing

Ben Thompson on his experience with an Apple watch and continuous computing in terms of a constant stream of notifications: Indeed, for now I think it likely that one of Apple’s oldest and most cherished skills — its ability to make beautiful, desirable objects — will make the Watch exactly what Tim Cook promised: another… Continue reading