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China Following US Lead, Tells US Tech Companies Operating in China to Sign PRISM-Like Cyber-Loyalty Pact

The Chinese government is following the US lead and is now telling US tech companies operating in China to sign a PRISM-like cyber-loyalty pact: Much of the pledge document is focused on user privacy rights, outlining policies that would give users the right to know where their data was stored, to control how much of… Continue reading

Eight New Cyber Threat Intelligence Products Will Help Strengthen Your Network Defenses

These eight new cyber threat intelligence products will help strengthen your network defenses: LogRhythm claims to reduce the amount of time it takes organizations to detect cyberintruders before they get a foothold and do any real damage. Its Holistic Threat Analytics Suite purports to detect behavioral anomalies by analyzing a number of potential entryways –… Continue reading

Crew Responsible for the Ashley Madison Publishes 35GB Compromised Data Online

As they promised weeks ago when the breach occured, the crew responsible for the Ashley Madison hack have published 35GB worth of compromised data online (emphasis added): The group also published a key so that anyone downloading them would know they came from the proper source. The leaked files include databases complete with account information,… Continue reading

Companies Believe Adding Cyber Security Experts to the Boardroom Will Translate to an Effective Cyber Defense Strategy

The Chief Information Officer has historically ignored the concerns of security because they are primarily invested in ensuring operations continue, even if that means taking on unnecessary risk. That is about to change as companies believe adding cyber security experts to the boardroom will translate to an effective defense strategy (emphasis added): The privately held… Continue reading

Kaspersky Denies Developing Fake Malware to Hurt Competition

After being accused of creating malware for ten years, Kaspersky today hit back to deny developing these fake viruses to hurt their competition: “Kaspersky Lab has never conducted any secret campaign to trick competitors into generating false positives to damage their market standing,” Kaspersky Lab said in a statement provided to SecurityWeek. “Accusations by anonymous,… Continue reading

Security Industry Reacts to Oracle’s CSO Missive

In case you missed it, the Oracle CSO went on a rant about why security researchers and their own customers digging through their applications to locate vulnerabilities should just stop doing so and pay more attention to securing their own house. Well, as with anything on the internet, it has been making the rounds because… Continue reading

Israeli Company Claims to Have Built an Ostensibly “Unhackable Version of Windows”

Apparently an Israeli company claims to have built an ostensibly “unhackable version of Windows” using memory randomization and other techniques (emphasis added): The Isreali security organization, Morphisec is presently working on making a Windows version that’s essentially not possible to hack, thus making it the appropriate operating system for military operations, which includes controlling of… Continue reading

Pentagon’s New Office in Silicon Valley Is Being Headed-Up by an Engineer and a Former Navy SEAL

The Pentagon’s new office in Silicon Valley is being headed-up by an engineer and a former Navy SEAL in an attempt to help DoD stay abreast of the latest and greatest technologies (emphasis added): Their new office, dubbed the Defense Innovation Unit-Experimental — DIUx for short — occupies a building near Moffett Federal Airfield’s massive… Continue reading

Five Reasons Intel Should Spin Off McAfee According to Out-of-Touch Analyst

I am not sure if this is mere clickbait or if the Richard Stiennon actually believe what he wrote, but apparently he is under the impression that Intel should spin off McAfee just as they are in the midst of finally integrating the two companies together. He even offers up five reason for why he… Continue reading

Claudio Agosti Used to Work at the Hacking Team, Had His Emails Leaked, and Is Okay With It

Claudio Agosti used to work at The Hacking Team, had his emails leaked alongside the 400GB of data in the publicly accessible torrent, and seems okay with it all. His somewhat insiders view of The Hacking Team and its tools is very enlightening and helps shed a lot of light on the company: In 2006… Continue reading