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Five Reasons Intel Should Spin Off McAfee According to Out-of-Touch Analyst

I am not sure if this is mere clickbait or if the Richard Stiennon actually believe what he wrote, but apparently he is under the impression that Intel should spin off McAfee just as they are in the midst of finally integrating the two companies together. He even offers up five reason for why he… Continue reading

Claudio Agosti Used to Work at the Hacking Team, Had His Emails Leaked, and Is Okay With It

Claudio Agosti used to work at The Hacking Team, had his emails leaked alongside the 400GB of data in the publicly accessible torrent, and seems okay with it all. His somewhat insiders view of The Hacking Team and its tools is very enlightening and helps shed a lot of light on the company: In 2006… Continue reading

CrowdStrike Has Received a $100M Investment From Google Capital Along With an Investment From Rackspace and a Few Other Partners for a Total of $156M

In cyber security business news, CrowdStrike has received a $100M investment from Google Capital along with an investment from Rackspace and a few other partners for a total of $156M in Series C funding: Cybersecurity company CrowdStrike announced the completion of a $100 million Series C funding round yesterday (July 13), led by Google Capital…. Continue reading

Were the NYSE, Wall Street, and United Airline Outages Due to a Coordinated Cyber Attack?

Many people are wondering if the NYSE, Wall Street, and United Airline outages were due to some form of a coordinated cyber attack: Igor Baikalov, chief scientist at data analytics firm Securonix, is nevertheless concerned. He told us if the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigations are ruling out a cyberattack… Continue reading

Cisco Agrees to Acquire OpenDNS for US$635m

re/code reports Cisco agrees to acquire OpenDNS for $635m: Networking giant Cisco Systems said it will acquire OpenDNS, a Web security company in which it had invested, for $635 million. OpenDNS is probably best known for its free service that allows Web users to point their computers’ or routers’ Domain Name Service settings to its… Continue reading

Future of the Cyber Security Industry Requires Human and Machines to Work Symbiotically

VentureBeat with a very provocative article on how the future of the cyber security industry requires human and machines to work symbiotically as predictive cyber attack analysis becomes increasingly more accurate, thus helping analysis to focus on exactly what is important: We often think of the future as a battle for control between humans and… Continue reading

Former Chinese Black Hat Hackers Are Coming Out of the Shadows and Being Turned Into the New So-Called Cyber Gatekeepers

Forbes on how former Chinese black hat hackers are coming out of the shadows and being turned into the new so-called cyber gatekeepers: In May, China’s National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team, a non-profit agency, said it had recorded 9,068 instances of data leaks in 2014, three times as many as in 2013, reflecting… Continue reading

Headphones Are the New Walls for People in Open-Plan Offices Who Need to Stay Productive

ZDNet on how headphones are the new walls for people in open-plan offices who do not want to be bothered so they can stay productive in an unproductive situation: Unfortunately, open-plan offices are still trendy, and technology companies such as Yahoo and eBay are among the worst offenders. Now Facebook has announced plans for what… Continue reading

Tanium Hires Mandiant Executives While Moving into Cyber Forensics

FireceFinancialIT on Tanium hiring Mandiant executives while moving into the cyber forensics business to compete directly with FireEye, Intel Security, and others: “What Tanium has been lacking is when you do find something suspicious in your environment, when you see a piece of malware there, having the ability to go very deep into one particular… Continue reading

NSA and GCHQ Caught Hacking Popular Anti-Virus Software According to Newly Released Snowden Documents

The Intercept on the NSA and GCHQ caught hacking popular anti-virus software, specifically Kaspersky, and its monitoring email traffic to security vendors to look for new vulnerability reports: As government spies have sought to evade anti-virus software, the anti-virus firms themselves have exposed malware created by government spies. Among them, Kaspersky appears to be the… Continue reading