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Apple Goes all in on Encryption Despite FBI Concerns

Apple goes all in on encryption despite FBI concerns: As part of the new system, developers building software for Apple’s devices will be able to opt for users’ information to have no encryption, single-key encryption, or multi-key encryption “with per-file keys for file data and a separate key for sensitive metadata” – comparable to leaving… Continue reading

China Following US Lead, Tells US Tech Companies Operating in China to Sign PRISM-Like Cyber-Loyalty Pact

The Chinese government is following the US lead and is now telling US tech companies operating in China to sign a PRISM-like cyber-loyalty pact: Much of the pledge document is focused on user privacy rights, outlining policies that would give users the right to know where their data was stored, to control how much of… Continue reading

Eight New Cyber Threat Intelligence Products Will Help Strengthen Your Network Defenses

These eight new cyber threat intelligence products will help strengthen your network defenses: LogRhythm claims to reduce the amount of time it takes organizations to detect cyberintruders before they get a foothold and do any real damage. Its Holistic Threat Analytics Suite purports to detect behavioral anomalies by analyzing a number of potential entryways –… Continue reading

Crew Responsible for the Ashley Madison Publishes 35GB Compromised Data Online

As they promised weeks ago when the breach occured, the crew responsible for the Ashley Madison hack have published 35GB worth of compromised data online (emphasis added): The group also published a key so that anyone downloading them would know they came from the proper source. The leaked files include databases complete with account information,… Continue reading