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Senate Judiciary Committee Demands Answers on FBI Use of Zero-Day Exploits and Phishing

It looks like the Senate Judiciary Committee has become interested in the FBI use of zero-day exploits and phishing as an additional tool in the ostensible law enforcement arsenal, demanding Director Comey to provide answers to pointed questions by today (emphasis added): Grassley also is seeking information about whether and how the FBI uses zero… Continue reading

Is a Legal Assault an Effective Strategy Against Chinese Cyber Spying

Computer hacking allegedly perpetrated by Chinese military hackers led to indictments, but is a legal assault an effective strategy against Chinese cyber spying? David Hickton, U.S. Attorney for Western Pennsylvania, said he remains hopeful about bringing Chinese hacking defendants to justice in Pittsburgh but believes the indictments have been successful in other ways. The cases… Continue reading

China Has Expanded Their National Security Law to Cover Cyber Threats

Bloomberg Business reports that China has expanded their national security law to cover cyber threats as the threat of nation state attacks increase (emphasis added): Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is overseeing the law as head of a new national security commission, has said the government must safeguard security in politics, culture, the military, the… Continue reading

California Banned the Stupid Idea of “Personal Belief” as an Excuse for Not Getting Vaccinated

Motherboard on California banning the stupid idea of “personal belief” as an excuse for not getting vaccinated: Last week, California’s State Assembly considered the bill, which had already been green-lit by the state senate, ultimately voting to approve it 46-30. This week, the senate approved the amendments that were added to the bill before passing… Continue reading

French Hypocrites Simultaneously Complain About NSA Spying While Passing Their Own New Intrusive Surveillance Law

The Intercept on the hypocrites in France, complaining about NSA spying, have passed a new intrusive surveillance law of their own: On Wednesday, France woke up to find that the National Security Agency had been snooping on the phones of its last three presidents. Top secret documents provided by Wikileaks to two media outlets, Mediapart… Continue reading

China Considers Enacting New Cyber Security Law

China is considering enacting a new cyber security law in the name designed to safeguard the country and protect its national assets: The law aims at “safeguarding cyberspace sovereignty and national security,” according to the draft. Cyber security has become an important issue concerning national security and development as well as public interests, said Lang… Continue reading

White House Criticizes New Bill Clarifying Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center Mission

SC Magazine on the White House criticizing a new bill clarifying the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center mission expanding their responsibilities rather than allowing them to focus on a specific area: The center will also ensure that all departments and agencies receive the full intelligence support needed to “execute the cyber threat intelligence activities of… Continue reading

Lawmakers Want SEC to Force Detailed Cyber Disclosures Industry Would Rather Remain Secret

The Hill discusses how US lawmakers want the SEC to force detailed cyber disclosures industry would rather remain secret because they fear discussing their less-than-stellar cyber security would open them up to shareholder liability issues: Langevin and Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) made their case in a letter sent Thursday to SEC Chairwoman Mary Jo White…. Continue reading

Senate Adds Cyber Security Legislation to Upcoming Agenda

The National Law Review on the Senate adding cyber security legislation to its upcoming agenda: The Senate appears to be willing to take up the Cyber Information Sharing Act or CISA (S. 754) by the end of June, with the Senate Whip adding the bill to the list of legislation to the agenda. After the… Continue reading

The Supreme Court Killed a Vicious Law, and Conservative Justices Are Furious

Slate on how the Supreme Court killed a vicious law, and the conservative Justices are furious they do not have an opportunity to overturn the lower courts ruling as the case will not be heard: The case for Proposition 100, then, largely rested upon groundless, probably prejudiced assertions made by a man who “outrageously exploited… Continue reading