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Six Million Faxes Flood Senate to Oppose Surveillance Bill Masquerading as a Cybersecurity Bill

The people have been heard, sending six million faxes to flood the Senate with their opposition to a surveillance bill masquerading as a cyber security bill: “The Internet is clearly pissed off that Congress is trying to pass off a blatant surveillance bill as ‘cybersecurity,’” Tiffiniy Cheng, co-founder and co-director of Fight for the Future,… Continue reading

CISA Is a Dirty Deal Between Google and the NSA and Nobody Is Talking About This Connection

CISA is a dirty deal between Google and the NSA and nobody is talking about this connection: CISA is an out and out surveillance bill masquerading as a cybersecurity bill. It won’t stop hackers. Instead, it essentially legalizes all forms of government and corporate spying. Here’s how it works. Companies would be given new authority… Continue reading

Obama Administration Has Finally Listened and Is Rewriting Its Controversial Zero-Day Export Policy

Thanks to the advocacy of many industry and privacy groups, the Obama Administration has finally listened and is rewriting its controversial zero-day export policy (emphasis added): For two months, security researchers have been fighting a controversial export policy known as the Wassenaar Arrangement — and now it looks like they may have won a crucial… Continue reading

What Exactly Is Inside the Justice Department’s Secret Cyber Security Memo

The United States is a country made up of laws, and laws that are accessible and readable by every citizen…until recently, where the government has decided to take the unusual steps of having classified interpretations of unclassified laws. So what exactly is inside the Justice Department’s secret cyber security memo detailing its interpretation of certain… Continue reading

Privacy and Tech Communities Are Thoroughly Against CISA, Ask President Obama to Veto CISA

It seems the privacy and tech communities are thoroughly against CISA and are now asking President Obama to veto CISA because it is a horrible piece of legislation: CISA will be of little help in preventing data breaches and information theft from occurring. For one, the real-time sharing of information that CISA calls for would… Continue reading

Here Is How CISA Will Allow the NSA to Scrape the Internet Backbone to Scoop Up All Your Emails and Other Ostensible Private Correspondence

Speaking of cyber related legislation in the United States, here is how CISA will allow the NSA to scrape the internet backbone to scoop up all your emails and other ostensible private correspondence (emphasis added): Now it appears that Congress may be ready to help the NSA get the information they need to finally crank… Continue reading

Tech Community Launches Fax Campaign to Fight Back Against CISA

To help get the point across to power players in Washington DC, more than a dozen digital rights organizations and other Internet groups have launched a faxing campaign to demonstrate their disagreement with the Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act (CISA): Using a website set up with the support of the American Civil Liberties Union,… Continue reading

New DoD Law of War Manual Includes Some Interesting Discussion Points on the Use of Cyber During an Armed Conflict

The new DoD Law of War manual includes some interesting discussion points on the use of cyber during an armed conflict: In this regard, DOD notes that using cyber capabilities to trigger a nuclear plant meltdown, open a dam above a populated area, or disable air traffic control services resulting in airplane crashes, would “likely… Continue reading

Why Cracking Down on Hackers Is Bad for Technological Innovation

It is refreshing to read cyber security news when the journalist understands how the unintended consequences of certain legislation adversely affects the nation. In this case, The Washington Post postulates why cracking down on hackers will ultimately be bad for technological innovation (emphasis added): The problem is that simply toughening the laws on hackers by… Continue reading

FISMA Reform Act Strengthens DHS Cyber Security Mission Capabilities for the .gov Domain

As a result of the recent major OPM breach which saw the compromise of data on over 20 million Americans, Congress has bipartisan support for the FISMA Reform Act, strengthening DHS cyber security mission capabilities for the .gov domain (emphasis added): Introduced on Wednesday, the FISMA Reform Act provides an update to the 12-year-old FISMA… Continue reading