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“Begging Intel to Drop the Brand”

Reuters reporting on Intel’s decision to drop the McAfee brand in favor of Intel Security, and John McAfee’s response to the news of the name change:

John McAfee, the flamboyant millionaire who founded a pioneering anti-virus software company that Intel Corp bought for $7.7 billion, says he is glad that the chipmaker plans to drop his name from its products.

Intel Chief Executive Brian Krzanich announced the decision to abandon the McAfee name late on Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, saying the company plans to adopt the “Intel Security” brand.

“I’ve been begging them to drop the brand or fix the product,” McAfee said in a telephone interview on Tuesday. He did not speculate on a reason for the move, which was not completely unexpected.

Whereby begging, John McAfee has been busy doing everything but talking with Intel.

Intel Killing Off McAfee Brand

C-Net reporting on events from CES:

Throughout the years of John McAfee’s madman antics, the founder of computer security firm McAfee Security always had his name associated with the shield logo of McAfee Antivirus and its variations.

But with a few sentences casually thrown out to the Consumer Electronics Show audience in Las Vegas on Monday evening, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich sounded the death knell for the McAfee brand, at least as far as it relates to consumer security.

The software will remain unchanged except for changing the name from McAfee Security to Intel Security. The iconic red McAfee shield will remain, for now, and some components of the mobile versions of the software now will be free to use on iOS and Android devices. The rebranding is expected to take up to a year to complete.

In the end it makes sense. The general public has a much more favorable image of Intel than McAfee thanks to Wintel and overall brand awareness.

This is only a good thing.

Intel also plans to introduce the new Intel Device Protection app later this year, which is designed to help protect people using personal phones and tablets in work situations. In ditching the name McAfee, tainted by too many years of mistakes and its founder’s buffoonery, Intel hopes to appeal to home and enterprise consumer’s more serious side.

Buffoonery at its best.

How Wendy’s Slayed Burger King in the Fast Food Wars

Jordan Weissmann of The Atlantic on Wendy’s taking over the number two spot in the fast food burger market:

Over the past several years Burger King has focused on ads. Wendy’s focused on its food. Turns out, when you’re running a restaurant, food matters more.

Like everywhere else these days, common sense is apparently not all that common … even in the fast food industry.