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Los Angeles Just Proposed the Worst Use of License Plate Reader Data in History

This is my hometown and I am stunned Los Angeles leadership believes this to be a viable option for preventing human trafficking (emphasis added): Councilwoman Martinez feels that prostitution is not a “victimless” crime, and that by discouraging johns, the incidence of the crime can be reduced. Martinez told CBS Los Angeles, “If you aren’t… Continue reading

Nineteen Cops Simultaneously Respond to False Alarm, Terrorize Woman Because of Racist White Neighbor

This is just unbelievable and completely unjustified no matter what the Santa Monica Police Department would like everyone to believe: I said it was only me and, hands still raised, slowly descended the stairs, focused on one officer’s eyes and on his pistol. I had never looked down the barrel of a gun or at… Continue reading

United Nations Privacy Chief Has Publicly Stated UK Surveillance Is “Worse Than 1984”

The United Nations Privacy Chief has publicly stated UK surveillance is “worse than 1984” (emphasis added): The newly appointed UN special rapporteur on privacy, Joseph Cannataci, has called the UK’s oversight of surveillance “a rather bad joke at its citizens’ expense,” and said that the situation regarding privacy is “worse” than anything George Orwell imagined… Continue reading

Obama Administration Has Finally Listened and Is Rewriting Its Controversial Zero-Day Export Policy

Thanks to the advocacy of many industry and privacy groups, the Obama Administration has finally listened and is rewriting its controversial zero-day export policy (emphasis added): For two months, security researchers have been fighting a controversial export policy known as the Wassenaar Arrangement — and now it looks like they may have won a crucial… Continue reading

Privacy and Tech Communities Are Thoroughly Against CISA, Ask President Obama to Veto CISA

It seems the privacy and tech communities are thoroughly against CISA and are now asking President Obama to veto CISA because it is a horrible piece of legislation: CISA will be of little help in preventing data breaches and information theft from occurring. For one, the real-time sharing of information that CISA calls for would… Continue reading

Fascinating Story About the Developer Responsible for a Number of Privacy-Enhancing Applications Making Encryption Easy to Use

This story of Moxie Marlinspike, the developer responsible for a number of privacy-enhancing applications such as the one recently added to WhatsApp, is quite the fascinating read: Mr. Marlinspike created an encryption program that scrambles messages until they reach the intended reader. It’s so simple that Facebook Inc.’s WhatsApp made it a standard feature for… Continue reading

Raspberry Pi-Based Tool Allows Anyone to Anonymously Access Wi-Fi From 2.5 Miles Away

This little gem of a Raspberry Pi-based tool allows anyone to anonymously access wifi from up to 2.5 miles away from a wireless access-oint: Proxyham is composed of a WiFi-enabled Raspberry Pi computer and three antennas setup. One of the antennas connects to a source public Wi-Fi network while the other two transmit the Wi-Fi… Continue reading

Clueless Japanese Judge Orders Google to Delete Links to a Man’s Previous Under-Age Sexual Solicitation Arrests

An obviously clueless Japanese Judge orders Google to delete links to a man’s previous under-age sexual solicitation arrests from the search engine in an attempt to hide his embarrassing past from the world: In 2012, the man was arrested for paying a girl under the age of 18 for sexual favors. He was charged with… Continue reading

XKeyScore Is NSA’s Google for All of the World’s Private Communication

The Intercept on the scary thought about how XKeyScore is NSA’s Google for the world’s private communication. First, in case you have forgotten what XKeyScore is since it was actually first revealed by The Guardian in July 2013 (emphasis added): The NSA’s XKEYSCORE program, first revealed by The Guardian, sweeps up countless people’s Internet searches,… Continue reading

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Approved NSA to Resume Bulk Telephone Metadata Collection

The Washington Post on how the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court approved NSA to resume bulk telephone metadata collection for the next 180 days as authorized in the recently enacted USA Freedom Act: The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on Monday ruled that the NSA could resume gathering millions of Americans’ phone metadata — call times, dates… Continue reading