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Department of Justice Report Details How FBI Is Understaffed to Tackle Current Volume of Cyber Threats

In the tell-us-something-we-dont-already-know department, a Department of Justice report details how the FBI is understaffed to tackle the current volume of cyber threats (emphasis added): As of January 2015, The Federal Bureau of Investigation had only hired 52 of the 134 computer scientists it was authorized to employ under the Justice Department’s Next Generation Cyber… Continue reading

Secret NSA Map Shows Loads of Successful Chinese Intrusions Into U.S. Based Networks

NBC News is running an interesting slide they lifted from an NSA briefing developed by their Threat Operations Center (NTOC) in February 2014. The slide is a secret NSA map showing loads of successful Chinese intrusions into U.S. based networks (emphasis added): The map uses red dots to mark more than 600 corporate, private or… Continue reading

Unclassified Network Used in the Pentagon by the Joint Chiefs of Staff Has Been Taken Offline After Suspicious Activity Was Detected

The unclassified network used in the Pentagon by the Joint Chiefs of Staff has been taken offline after suspicious activity was detected: Officials will not say exactly what happened, but the U.S. military’s Cyber Command is now investigating the matter according to Lt. Col. Valerie Henderson, a Pentagon spokesman. So far, there is no indication… Continue reading

Chinese Malicious Actors Responsible for the OPM Hack Have Also Breached United Airlines

The same Chinese malicious actors responsible for the OPM hack have also breached United Airlines, exfiltrating flight data, manifests, and other potentially valuable information to be cross-checked against their ever-growing dossier on American citizens activities (emphasis added): The previously unreported United breach raises the possibility that the hackers now have data on the movements of… Continue reading

CISA Is a Dirty Deal Between Google and the NSA and Nobody Is Talking About This Connection

CISA is a dirty deal between Google and the NSA and nobody is talking about this connection: CISA is an out and out surveillance bill masquerading as a cybersecurity bill. It won’t stop hackers. Instead, it essentially legalizes all forms of government and corporate spying. Here’s how it works. Companies would be given new authority… Continue reading

Obama Administration Has Finally Listened and Is Rewriting Its Controversial Zero-Day Export Policy

Thanks to the advocacy of many industry and privacy groups, the Obama Administration has finally listened and is rewriting its controversial zero-day export policy (emphasis added): For two months, security researchers have been fighting a controversial export policy known as the Wassenaar Arrangement — and now it looks like they may have won a crucial… Continue reading

What Exactly Is Inside the Justice Department’s Secret Cyber Security Memo

The United States is a country made up of laws, and laws that are accessible and readable by every citizen…until recently, where the government has decided to take the unusual steps of having classified interpretations of unclassified laws. So what exactly is inside the Justice Department’s secret cyber security memo detailing its interpretation of certain… Continue reading

Malicious Actors Responsible for the Anthem Health Care Data Breach Shared Their Weaponized Zero-Day Attacks With Rival Groups

The malicious actors responsible for the Anthem health care data breach shared their weaponized zero-day attacks with rival groups: A quick review of the Black Vine timeline helps underscore the significant resources the group possessed. In late December 2012, independent security researcher Eric Romang uncovered the compromise of domain name, which is owned and operated… Continue reading

Cyber Criminals Are Leveraging the Angler Exploit Kit to Target Point-of-Sale Systems for Attack

Cyber Criminals are leveraging the Angler exploit kit to target point-of-sale systems for attack: In the attacks observed by researchers, the Angler campaign involves malvertising and exploits for two recently patched Adobe Flash Player vulnerabilities. The exploit kit uses its fileless installation feature to write TROJ_RECOLOAD.A into the device’s memory instead of its hard drive… Continue reading

Privacy and Tech Communities Are Thoroughly Against CISA, Ask President Obama to Veto CISA

It seems the privacy and tech communities are thoroughly against CISA and are now asking President Obama to veto CISA because it is a horrible piece of legislation: CISA will be of little help in preventing data breaches and information theft from occurring. For one, the real-time sharing of information that CISA calls for would… Continue reading