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Raytheon Wins $1 Billion Cyber Security Contract to Battle Attacks on US Agencies

Raytheon wins $1 billion cyber security contract to battle attacks on US agencies: The contract, one of the largest civilian cybersecurity orders in years, would help more than 100 federal civilian agencies protect their networks against malicious hackers, and it comes after the Office of Personnel Management suffered one of the most damaging breaches in… Continue reading

Second Russian Man Pleads Guilty of Largest Ever US Cyber Heist

A second Russian has plead guilty to the largest ever US cyber crime: Prosecutors said that as far back as 2003, the men worked to install “sniffers” designed to comb through and steal data from computer networks of financial companies, payment processors and retailers. Prosecutors said the defendants then used an array of computers to… Continue reading

The U.S. Can’t Keep Its Own Data Safe, How Dare It Demand a Back Door to Yours

The US government seemingly has a penchant for being unable to keep its own data safe, so why should the American people trust it with a backdoor into yours? (emphasis added) The U.S. intelligence apparatus still wants a key to your private data. Specifically, it wants “backdoor,” or “exceptional,” access to encrypted data when a… Continue reading

Operational Military Commanders Are Finally Beginning to Understand Their Gaps and Weaknesses in Cyber Security

After many years of watching senior leadership ignore cyber, operational military commanders are finally beginning to understand their gaps and weaknesses in cyber security, and the impact this has on mission readiness and effectiveness: “While we’ve held a decisive and dominant advantage in all the other domains, that’s not necessarily the case in the cyber… Continue reading

OPM Breach Exposed Fingerprints of 5.6 Million US Government Employees

Another week, another round of bad news about the OPM breach. This time we learn the fingerprints of 5.6 million US government employees was exfiltrated by the ostensible Chinese hackers: The attack on the agency, which is the main custodian of the government’s most important personnel records, has been attributed to China by American intelligence… Continue reading

Huge Surge in Targeted Cyber Attacks in Japan in 2015

According to a report by the Japanese National Police Agency, there was a huge surge in targeted cyber attacks in Japan in 2015: The National Police Agency said it recorded 1,472 attacks from January to June, NHK news agency reported. The agency monitors such attacks in coordination with more than 6,900 defence and nuclear-related firms… Continue reading

Two US Senators Are Asking Automobile Manufacturers for Details on Their Cyber Security Strategies

Ever since the proof-of-concept hack against Jeep, automobile cyber security is on peoples minds. This time two US senators are asking automobile manufacturers for details on their cyber security strategies: Two U.S. senators have asked the world’s biggest automakers for information on steps they have taken to protect cars from being hacked, as attention on… Continue reading

Lawmakers Accuse DHS of Stonewalling on Cyber Security Plans

In the this-is-not-a-surprise department, lawmakers accuse DHS of stonewalling on cyber security plans: “The department has persisted in its ‘go it alone’ mentality and has ignored Congress’ requests for information despite a record that demonstrates its need for oversight and accountability,” added Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas), who chairs the panel’s subcommittee on cybersecurity, infrastructure protection… Continue reading

China May Have Conducted a Cyber Attack Against the Russian Military

Even though Russia has highly advanced cyber attack capabilities, this does not mean they are immune to operations designed to breach their networks. It would seem China may have conducted a cyber attack against the Russian military: “There is a world market for classified data of any time,” said Epstein. “There are documented cases in… Continue reading