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DARPA Wants to Protect Critical Infrastructure From Cyber Attacks

DARPA believes it can protect critical infrastructure from cyber attacks using a brand new tool it has developed: Hackers have been breaking through a lot of government agency’s defenses these past years, and DARPA thinks it’s high time to do something about it. Pentagon’s mad science division has launched a new program called Rapid Attack… Continue reading

Paris Attacks Plot Required Little Technology, Was Hatched in Plain Sight

Terrorism is not a problem only technology can solve but one requiring strong police work: The account emerging from French officials, witnesses and those who interacted with the suspected terrorists shows how the operation hinged on Mr. Abaaoud’s ability to use the tools of everyday modern life to lay the groundwork for the massacre. The… Continue reading

Los Angeles Just Proposed the Worst Use of License Plate Reader Data in History

This is my hometown and I am stunned Los Angeles leadership believes this to be a viable option for preventing human trafficking (emphasis added): Councilwoman Martinez feels that prostitution is not a “victimless” crime, and that by discouraging johns, the incidence of the crime can be reduced. Martinez told CBS Los Angeles, “If you aren’t… Continue reading

So What if Terrorists Use Strong Encryption? It Is Still Vital to the Safety of Our Nation

Potent essay in favor of strong encryption even though the US intelligence apparatus would like Americans to believe terrorists use it to hide their communications from law enforcement (demonstrably false in certain circumstances, such as Paris): People who protect liberty have to take care not to imply, much less acknowledge, that the draconian anti-liberty measures… Continue reading

GCAT Is a Fully-Functional Malware Backdoor Leveraging Gmail as Its Command-and-Control Server

GCAT is a fully-functional malware backdoor leveraging Gmail as its command-and-control server: There are many tools that allow to generate backdoors and they are used during a penetration testing program or security awareness where the presenter demonstrate how it is easy to have a full control on a remote vulnerable system. The main purposes of… Continue reading

Anonymous Hacks ISIS Propaganda Site, Replaces It With Viagra Ad and Message to Calm Down

This is quite humorous: Isis[sic] sites have been moving onto the dark web in an attempt not to be discovered. But a hacking group called Ghost Sec, which is related to Anonymous, took the site down and replaced it with a message telling readers that there was “Too Much ISIS”. “Enhance your calm,” the full… Continue reading

Stop Being Fooled – Preventing Every Terrorist Attack Is Impossible

In the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks it is important to recognize a few important points as the media bombards the world with comments from scared politicians, especially in the United States more than anywhere. Like with any form of security, the primary operating foundation is risk management. This is in stark contrast to… Continue reading

Raytheon Wins $1 Billion Cyber Security Contract to Battle Attacks on US Agencies

Raytheon wins $1 billion cyber security contract to battle attacks on US agencies: The contract, one of the largest civilian cybersecurity orders in years, would help more than 100 federal civilian agencies protect their networks against malicious hackers, and it comes after the Office of Personnel Management suffered one of the most damaging breaches in… Continue reading

Second Russian Man Pleads Guilty of Largest Ever US Cyber Heist

A second Russian has plead guilty to the largest ever US cyber crime: Prosecutors said that as far back as 2003, the men worked to install “sniffers” designed to comb through and steal data from computer networks of financial companies, payment processors and retailers. Prosecutors said the defendants then used an array of computers to… Continue reading

The U.S. Can’t Keep Its Own Data Safe, How Dare It Demand a Back Door to Yours

The US government seemingly has a penchant for being unable to keep its own data safe, so why should the American people trust it with a backdoor into yours? (emphasis added) The U.S. intelligence apparatus still wants a key to your private data. Specifically, it wants “backdoor,” or “exceptional,” access to encrypted data when a… Continue reading