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DHS Cyber Security Role Elevating in New Proposed Legislation

DHS cyber security role is elevating in new proposed legislation: The Department of Homeland Security is likely to expand its role and profile as the lead agency in the federal government for cybersecurity. A bill approved by the House Homeland Security Committee could create a new DHS cyber defense agency that would be called the… Continue reading

NATO’s Designation of Cyber as an Operational Domain of Conflict

NATO’s Designation of Cyber as an Operational Domain of Conflict offers some new and interesting possibilities in need of considering from the collective defense perspective: Indeed, the designation of cyber as a domain of conflict is significant, and the ability to invoke Article 5 in response to a cyberattack (not all cyberattacks, just some of… Continue reading

DISA Finally Realizes Everyone Responsible for DoD Cyber Security

DISA has finally realized everyone is responsible for DoD cyber security rather than just the professionals: As the pace of connectivity spurs forward, the job of protecting the networks has also expanded, often beyond the resources of the people meant to protect them. DISA Chief Technology Officer David Mihelcic said that because of the speed… Continue reading

DARPA Wants to Protect Critical Infrastructure From Cyber Attacks

DARPA believes it can protect critical infrastructure from cyber attacks using a brand new tool it has developed: Hackers have been breaking through a lot of government agency’s defenses these past years, and DARPA thinks it’s high time to do something about it. Pentagon’s mad science division has launched a new program called Rapid Attack… Continue reading