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Crew Responsible for the Ashley Madison Publishes 35GB Compromised Data Online

As they promised weeks ago when the breach occured, the crew responsible for the Ashley Madison hack have published 35GB worth of compromised data online (emphasis added): The group also published a key so that anyone downloading them would know they came from the proper source. The leaked files include databases complete with account information,… Continue reading

Raytheon and SMU Form a Partnership for Cyber Research

Raytheon and SMU form a partnership for cyber research: Southern Methodist University (SMU) and Raytheon have joined in a strategic cyber research partnership based on the company’s efforts to collaborate with Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security in SMU’s Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering. Together they will work on research projects in cybersecurity. Education… Continue reading

Comprehensive List of All the Publicly Disclosed Cyber Attacks on the US Government

Mashable has compiled a fairly comprehensive list of all the publicly disclosed cyber attacks on the US government (emphasis added): Another day, another cyberattack. Hackers accessed tax returns belonging to more than 300,000 people — more than twice officials’ initial estimate — when they breached an Internal Revenue Service program in May, stealing taxpayers’ personal… Continue reading

Terrorist Cyber Operatives Claim to Have Stolen Military Data From Hundreds of US Personnel

Terrorist cyber operatives claim to have stolen military data from hundreds of US personnel and intend to use it to threaten Embassy staff (emphasis added): A Takfiri terrorist group, who infiltrated computers belonging to the American military and Navy and State Department staff, has released names, home addresses and other sensitive details of hundreds of… Continue reading

Manipulation of Feds’ Personal Data Is a Major Danger in OPM Cyber Heist

Of course the US government is worried about cyber espionage leading to stolen sensitive data. However, another huge concern for the feds is the manipulation of that data so its integrity is called into question. This in turn leads to suspicion surrounding the legitimacy and accuracy of said data (emphasis added): James Clapper, the director… Continue reading

This Is the Tactic the Chinese Are Employing to Make Their Cyber Espionage Activities So Effective

Ever wonder why China seems to be eating the US’s cyber security school lunch? Apparently this is the tactic the Chinese are employing to make their cyber espionage activities so effective (emphasis added): As the US still attempts to formulate a response to China’s massive hack of the US government’s Office of Personnel Management —… Continue reading

Pentagon Is Investigating Resilient Methods for Thwarting Denial-of-Service Attacks

Considering the potential danger they pose to operations, the Pentagon is investigating resilient methods for thwarting denial-of-service attacks (emphasis added): Today, attackers have a relatively easy time aiming bogus traffic at computer servers to knock them offline. One reason is that computer systems often are consolidated, making for a wide target area. Another weakness is… Continue reading

China Levels Up Cyber Security, Arrests 15,000 for “Web Security Violations”

China has taken cyber security to a whole new level and arrested 15,000 citizens for apparent web security violations, whatever that means (emphasis added): A crackdown on “cyber crime” by Chinese authorities appeared to reach a new level on Tuesday when police said they had arrested 15,000 people for online security violations. The announcement, posted… Continue reading

US Allies Pledge to Fight ISIS in Cyberspace

US allies have pledged to fight ISIS in cyberspace as part of collective response agreements (emphasis added): In a 31-point list India and the UAE issued outlining a plan to counter terrorists in the region, the two countries said they would, “promote cooperation in cybersecurity, including prevention on use of cyber for terrorism, radicalization and… Continue reading

FBI Is Trying to Recruit Hackers to Become Cyber Special Agents

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is trying to recruit hackers to become cyber special agents to combat cyber terrorism, espionage, and other threats to the United States (emphasis added): The number of resumes submitted as a direct result of the bureau’s presence at the conference was not readily available. (The story will be updated with… Continue reading