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Clueless Japanese Judge Orders Google to Delete Links to a Man’s Previous Under-Age Sexual Solicitation Arrests

An obviously clueless Japanese Judge orders Google to delete links to a man’s previous under-age sexual solicitation arrests from the search engine in an attempt to hide his embarrassing past from the world: In 2012, the man was arrested for paying a girl under the age of 18 for sexual favors. He was charged with… Continue reading

Advertisement Masquerades as an Article About How the Cyber Security Industry Is a Billion Dollar Scam

The Next Web has posted what amounts to an advertisement masquerading as an article about how the cyber security industry is a billion dollar scam. The author claims cyber security vendors are purposely selling outdated technology it knows to be ineffective at preventing cyber attacks. First, the author sets the stage by claiming the the… Continue reading

FBI Hunting for Suspects in California Internet Backbone Cable-Severing Attack

Engadget on the FBI hunting for suspects in California internet backbone cable-severing attack (emphasis added): The severed cables belonged to backbone-internet companies Level 3 and Zayo. In order to access these cables, the vandals had to remove manholes and enter underground vaults. While the cut lines were fixed within a day, it does highlight how… Continue reading

MIT Invented a New System Capable of Automated Security Vulnerability Fixes by Borrowing Code From Other Software

IBT on how MIT invented a new system capable of automated security vulnerability fixes by borrowing code from other software: The CodePhage system is able to detect dangerous bugs in software, and then repair it by importing security checks from software with similar specifications, even if the software is written in a completely different programming… Continue reading

Fleecing of America: Navy Pays Microsoft US$9m a Year for Continued Windows XP Support After Product End-of-Life

CNN Money with some unreal news about how the Navy pays Microsoft $9 million a year for continued Windows XP support even after the product end-of-life: In a statement, the Navy said it has a plan in place to upgrade its systems to a newer version of Windows. It expects to complete its upgrades by… Continue reading

Inside China’s iPhone Jailbreaking Industrial Complex

Forbes has done some outstanding writing on their article about inside China’s iphone jailbreaking industrial complex: It was a bizarre trip hosted by an equally bizarre and secretive entity called TaiG (pronounced “tie-gee”), which flew the hackers to China to share techniques and tricks to slice through the defences of Apple’s mobile operating system in… Continue reading

Google’s 60Tbps Undersea Pacific Cable Welcomed with Champagne in Japan

PC World on an almost completed Google-backed project for a 60Tbps undersea cable between Oregon and Japan exponentially increasing networking capacity between the two countries: The 9,000-kilometer FASTER cable will have a peak capacity of 60 terabytes per second (Tbps) when it enters operation next year, joining Japan with Oregon on the West Coast of… Continue reading

Terrible Cisco Support Feature Leads to Default SSH Key Exploit

Ars Technica on an horribly thought out support feature that now has Cisco warning of a default SSH key exploit on their appliances: The common default key was apparently inserted into the software, Fisher reported, for “support reasons.” The second vulnerability on the same set of virtual appliances is “a preinstalled set of SSH host… Continue reading

Samsung Jackassery Surreptitiously Disables Windows Update on Computers

TheNextWeb on Samsung jackassery whereby they are surreptitiously disabling Windows Update on their computers, preventing users from leveraging the standard automated security patch installation feature Windows has offered for quite some time: The app, conspicuously named Disable_Windowsupdate.exe, is installed automatically without the owner’s knowledge. According to a support representative, it’s there to stop the computer… Continue reading

HOWTO Opt-Out of Tynt, Craptastic Copy-and-Paste Javascript Tracking “Technology”

This is more as a reminder for myself than anything, but if you want to know howto opt-out of Tynt, a crappy piece of advertising and tracking technology, then this is how you can turn that shit off. If you use multiple browsers, you will have to hit the site in each one to turn… Continue reading