Super Sunday Sunrise Sports

According to my Oura ring, primarily used for sleep tracking, I did not get a decent nights rest. Apparently I had not enough total time asleep, limited REM sleep, and just overall shit rest. Somehow either the ring is an utter piece of garbage from a data collection and analysis perspective, the lack of sleep had no negative affect on my ride this morning, or who the fsck knows what🤷🏼‍♂️.

I felt really good out riding this fine Sunday morning. Had a lot of energy, highly motivated, and was in the zone for most of the ride. Although slower on the upstream leg, overall I am pleased with today’s riding stats. Not sure why I was so slow for the first half, but hitting 30-35khm on the return made me very happy. The million dollar question becomes: what is so drastically different today compared to yesterday?

Something else I am considering in the aftermath is my ability to maintain decent speed and cadence seems to have a correlation to what I am listening to w/the bose soundwear. A couple days ago I started a new book about the history of disinformation and find it hella dry. Today I started listening to Slate’s Slow Burn season five podcast. This content is fascinating so far, and kept me focused on riding, while being able to enjoy the history lesson.

Only hit one stop on the way back, just to grab a quick sip or three of water. Considered peeing but quickly realized I did not need to, just hopped back on the bike, and headed directly home.

Today I used the main road for the first and last 5k of the ride, to see if my overall average speed would improve by being able to maintain speed rather than riding slowly through the neighborhood. During the week this street is a harrowing ride, but on Sunday’s it’s chill thanks to an utter lack of traffic at this early hour. I may have to reconsider riding this on the weekdays because it appears to have had a drastic affect on my stats.

Now on to some house cleaning followed by an awesome Sunday brekkie!

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