Monday Morning Motivational Meditation

It felt a bit peculiar riding for a second time in less than twenty-four hours, not really providing any convincing amount of recovery time for my body, but the weather was too comfortable to pass up. After awaking at 4:15am, for a split second I considered heading back in bed and using the recovery time as an excuse for not heading out. But I quickly brushed that nonsense aside and commenced my pre-ride ritual.

The morning air today was hella more comfortable than riding yesterday. The temperature was considerably cooler, the air felt less heavy thanks to minimal humidity, and overall the morning air just feels far fresher and has much higher quality oxygen than later in the day, especially around noon. I am glad I got out for a ride because it was extremely invigorating.

music is hilltops by nesh carrot from freemusicarchive

My legs were noticeably weaker on the upstream leg this morning, but felt mostly fine on the return trip, often clocking 34k for longer distances of up to 3-4k straight. Thankfully the mornings are less crowded, facilitating lengthier legs without the need for all the stop-and-go nonsense I experienced yesterday.

Today I was primarily interested in just enjoying the ride rather than pushing myself to hit PR’s or ride hella fast. I really was looking for some fun and relaxation, stopping to take a few pictures at non-standard spots, and consuming some intoxicating morning air prior to commencing the busy week ahead. All in all I believe it worked out well, and I do not feel drained. Consider this a win for the beginning of the week!

Have an awesome week and keep spinning!

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Wickedly Wet Wednesday

The post-rain weather today resulted in an exceptionally mild and exceedingly comfortable temperature this morning, almost to the point where I contemplated wearing a shirt with some sleeves. I quickly erased that nonsensical thought from my nonsensical brain and rushed out the door, only to find it was lightly drizzling. I walked down the steps to the street and pondered whether I should ride or just call it quits. The sky looked like hell was about to descend upon the city, so maybe a ride was not the wisest thing to do. But a wise man I am not, and I decided a ride, even a wet one, would be better than no ride at all.
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Trials & Tribulations Thursday

Despite not feeling one hundred percent, and at full strength when I awoke this morning, almost to the extent I was slightly nauseous, I felt amazing out on the tarmac today. I was able to maintain high speeds for longer distances, and was consistently speeding through segments I normally have less energy when tackling. It is an interesting dichotomy, but somehow I brushed that annoying feeling aside and ended up really enjoying today's ride.
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Satisfying Saturday Spinning

It was easy to wake up this morning because even before I hit the sheets last night for a few hours of sleep I was stoked to ride. I quickly hopped outta bed, hella motivated to rock out a nice 50k ride. Even before departing, I had decided to do a full metric half century and not turn around earlier, even if I was getting pummeled with rain. Luckily the weather is absolutely gorgeous today, perfect for riding, and never once faltered.
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