NextGov reports about how the US Navy is looking for industry assistance to locate strong measures to protect its drones against enemy hacking attempts:

The Navy says it’s not sure what kind of cyber threats its drones, sensors and missiles are up against. That’s because aerial weapons systems were not expected to become part of the so-called Internet of Things, the present-day entanglement of networked appliances, transportation systems and other data-infused objects.

So, the Navy has kicked off a project to collaborate with outside scientists on research and development that will help protect the branch’s flying munitions from hackers, according to the agency. A key aim is to ensure assets can bounce back in the event of a cyber strike.

As the military becomes more and more educated on the need to build security from the inception of a new capability, we will see bids and requirements like this. It only makes sense to integrate security from the very beginning rather than duct-taping it on later.