On to something a whole lot lighter. This time mindbodygreen discusses twenty-nine food rules we can learn from the French to keep a slim waistline and remain healthy:

5. Eat real, local, fresh, unprocessed food. 
As much as you can.
6. Balance your meals.
Indulgence is important, but you feel you’ve overdone it a little at one meal, balance it out with a lighter meal the next time you eat.
7. Never go for second best.
It’s about quality not quantity. Always.
8. Have three meals a day.
Not two, not six. Three.
9. Set and respect meal times.
You’ll be hungry for your meals and will actually enjoy each of them if you’re not snacking in between.
10. Add side salads.
Eat a green salad at every meal or at least once a day; it’s the best way to easiest way to eat more plants.
11. Prepare and cook your meals with love.
Take pride in what you prepare to feed and nourish your body.

I especially like the idea of preparing and cooking meals with love. I have dabbled in cooking lately and always try to apply as much love as possible to my meals. The outcome is obviously notable.

One addition to the list I did not quote is to always drink as much water as possible, or even a couple glasses of good quality red wine, completely foregoing sugary drinks like soda, fruit juice, and energy drinks. This is something I need to pay closer attention to, although I have been getting better lately. Most of my meals are enjoyed with wine and water, but I more than occasionally slip in a glass, or three, of Coca-Cola.

The entire list is well worth the read, especially if you are interested in remaining healthy while still enjoying very tasty food.