Patrick Howell O’Neill of The Daily Dot on Phil Zimmerman, the creator of the infamous Pretty Good Privacy, moving to Switzerland to escape US government interference in cryptography research:

Zimmerman, 61, created PGP (Pretty Good Privacy, the most popular email encryption software ever made), found the mobile encryption firm Silent Circle, and developed numerous other cutting-edge encryption technologies. He has been a pioneer in the privacy and surveillance communities for decades.

“Every dystopian society has excessive surveillance, but now we see even western democracies like the US and England moving that way,” Zimmerman told theGuardian. “We have to roll this back. People who are not suspected of committing crimes should not have information collected and stored in a database. We don’t want to become like North Korea.”

The US needs to tread carefully here, otherwise the country risks losing top intellectual minds in important areas like cryptography, if it truly intends to follow through with some of these dangerous ideas.