Doug Drinkwater of SC Magazing reports from CyCon in Tallinn, Estonia about the NSA chief calling for cyber-cooperation and still support encryption:

Speaking at the CyCon conference in Tallinn, Estonia earlier this week, Rogers promoted the need for international collaboration, saying that cyber-crime can’t be solved by an individual party alone.

“The essence of the future of cyber is cooperation…No-one has all the answers, together we have to create something,” he said, suggesting legal frameworks could be the way forward.

He went onto compare cyber-space to the high seas at the conference, which was organised by NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, and said that states, non-state actors and individuals have to work together to ensure a free Internet.

“I hope we do not find a world in which the internet becomes something that fractures and where the ability to move information freely is controlled,” Rogers said. He emphasised that as no one entity controls the cyber-space; cooperation partnerships are required for the future.

“The seas around the world are, much like the cyber-domain, not governed by one single nation. We have created maritime norms and have to do the same in the cyber-space to ensure a flow of information and ideas,” he said, adding that we should be, “Creating something equivalent to the maritime world that enables us to move ideas, goods and information freely around the globe.”

Interesting take on cyber space considering his position as the chief of the largest intelligence agency in the world.