Jason Miller of Federal News Radio on the Veterans Administration plans for “doomsday” cyber scenario:

The Veterans Affairs Department already is facing more than 1 billion attempted cyber attacks a month. But as the complexity and volume of cyber threats increases across the government, VA IT officials are starting to prepare for a worst case scenario.

At VA, or for that matter any agency, a doomsday or worst case scenario would occur if there are so many cyber attacks, so many attempts to penetrate the networks and steal the data, that the infrastructure would either shutdown completely or the bad actors would get through and have free will inside their network.

Now VA is pretty far from facing that kind of attack or consequences, but IT officials see the rate and volume of attacks building monthly and must prepare for the what-if scenarios.

Steph Warren, the VA chief information officer, said attacks against VA’s networks increased to more than 1 billion in March and just under 1 billion in April after being at 300 million as of November.

Warren said while the number of attacks did decrease in April as compared to March, the signs are clear that any IT networks no matter the organization must prepare for the future.

Warren said Tuesday in a call with reporters that VA sits at an elevated state of cybersecurity, so he asked his security team what would happen if they had to go to severe or even critical because of cyber attacks.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.