Sean Lyngaas of FCW on a high-ranking USMC colonel calling for a shakeup of the Marines cyber structure:

“Our headquarters is not functionally aligned to support cyberspace operations,” said Col. Gregory Breazile, director of the Corps’ C2/Cyber and Electronic Warfare Integration Division. “We are fractured. We’ve got a CIO over here, we’ve got intel guys over here. We’re not unified in this effort.”

The growth of the Corps has complicated its cyber footprint: as new organizations in the service spring up, command and control of those organizations relative to the network need to be sorted out, said Breazile, who was speaking at a May 28 conference hosted by the Digital Government Institute in Washington, D.C.

“We realize there’s a lot of risks out there if we don’t get this right,” he added.

Breazile’s comments highlight the growing pains of a service branch grappling with an unfamiliar domain.