Reuters is reporting the US launched a failed Stuxnet-like cyber attack on North Korea:

According to one U.S. intelligence source, Stuxnet’s developers produced a related virus that would be activated when it encountered Korean-language settings on an infected machine.

But U.S. agents could not access the core machines that ran Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program, said another source, a former high-ranking intelligence official who was briefed on the program.

The official said the National Security Agency-led campaign was stymied by North Korea’s utter secrecy, as well as the extreme isolation of its communications systems. A third source, also previously with U.S. intelligence, said he had heard about the failed cyber attack but did not know details.

I am unsurprised the US launched another Stuxnet-like attack against a foreign adversary government. However, I am astonished both that the attack failed and this failure was made public. There must be a very specific reason for such a sensitive leak…