Federico Viticco reviews Spark by Readdle, a brand new iOS email client aiming to help you enjoy your email experience yet again

I’ve had a complicated relationship with email over the years. Part of the problem has been the Sisyphean effort of third-party apps that tried to modernize email: the more developers attempted to reinvent it, the more antiquated standards, platform limitations, and economic realities kept dragging them down. I’ve seen email clients for iOS rise and fall (and be abandoned); I’ve tried many apps that promised to bring email in the modern age of mobile and cloud services but that ultimately just replaced existing problems with new ones. Sparrow. DispatchMailboxCloudMagicOutlook. Each one revolutionary and shortsighted in its own way, always far from the utopia of email reinvention on mobile.

Spark by Readdle, a new email app for iPhone released today, wants to enhance email with intelligence and flexibility. To achieve this, Readdle has built Spark over the past eighteen months on top of three principles: heuristics, integrations, and personalization. By combining smart features with thoughtful design, Readdle is hoping that Spark won’t make you dread your email inbox, knowing that an automated system and customizable integrations will help you process email faster and more enjoyably.

I’ve been using Spark for the past three weeks, and it’s the most versatile email client for iPhone I’ve ever tried. It’s also fundamentally limited and incomplete, with a vision that isn’t fully realized yet but promising potential for the future.

Read the entire review for the full details. Bottom line: Spark is an impressive email client but without companion iPad and OS X applications, it offers an iOS-only, incomplete, imperfect vision, but one that is better than anything else available today.

I continue to play with Spark and will offer some thoughts of my own by the end of the week. So far, I really enjoy what I am seeing but it is missing a major feature I really need because of my workflow.

I aggregate multiple email accounts, to include gmail accounts, and standard imap accounts, to a single fastmail account. Because of this process, I require email aliases so I can send-as any one of the aggregated accounts. Without this capability, it is nearly impossible for me to send email using Spark. I suspect I am not the only person in this situation.

More to come …