Fox News is reporting the US military is highly vulnerable to cyber attacks and Congress is offering additional funding to help DoD defend against cyber threats:

Congress wants the Pentagon to spend more than $200 million to identify holes in U.S. weapons and communications software that could allow foreign militaries to disrupt or defeat advanced arms in cyber attacks.

The House version of the $612 billion fiscal 2016 defense authorization bill warns that despite a 2013 Pentagon report warning of major vulnerabilities in the cyber security of weapons systems, the military is lagging behind in closing the software holes.

The Senate version of the defense bill authorizes $200 million for a three-year cyber vulnerability assessment of all major weapons systems focusing on whether they can be hacked. An additional $75 million was authorized for the U.S. Cyber Command to rapidly obtain critical cyber warfare capabilities.

The House has passed its version of the bill and the Senate bill will be debated within the next two weeks. A final version is expected to be completed by the end of summer.

China is considered the major cyber weapons threat to U.S. weapons systems. Over the past decade, Chinese military hackers have penetrated major defense contractors involved in cutting edge weapons systems, including the fifth generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

US military leadership is slowly beginning to understand the nature of the cyber threat landscape after many years of fighting the experts or just flat out not caring for what they perceived as fear, uncertainty, and doubt. The future looks bright for DoD cyber security careers.