Armed with Science reports the United States National Guard standing up new cyber teams to fight the increased cyber threats from nation states:

This summer, the National Guard will stand up 11 new cyber teams, seven for the Army component and four for the Air Guard, Gen. Frank J. Grass, National Guard Bureau chief, said.

Grass and other reserve-component leaders testified April 29, during the Senate Appropriations Committee – Defense subcommittee hearing on the Fiscal 2016 National Guard and Reserve Budget.

“A big concern is where to put those units,” Grass said of the cyber teams. “We don’t want them all piled in one region of the country.”

The initial goal is to have Guard cyber capability in each of the 10 Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, districts. “We’re on a path to that,” he said. Then eventually the Guard will expand that capability to every state that can support it. “That’s my commitment to the governors.”

For a state to support a cyber mission, the Guard would first need to determine if cyber-related mission skill sets and industries are available in a particular location, he said.