SC Magazine on Dyre malware infections surging in 2015 even though it was first profiled over a year ago:

First profiled nearly a year ago, Dyre malware infections are surging around the world, and particularly in Europe and North America.

Only 4,000 Dyre infections occurred in the final quarter of 2014 while there were nearly 9,000 infections during the first quarter of 2015, Trend Micro wrote in a blog post. Thirty-nine percent of infections were attributed to European users, and North American users accounted for another 38 percent.

Tom Kellermann, chief security officer at Trend Micro, noted in an interview with that the traditional cyber attack logic goes that hackers target the “low-hanging fruit.” The opposite is true in this case.

“Basically the best hackers in Eastern Europe will try to break into the most solid banks in the world, or the European banks,” he said. “They’re all about if I can take down the top piece of fruit, I can take down the whole tree.”

It looks like attackers are starting to focus on Asia, with Japan being specifically mentioned as a potential target. The question is this: are Japanese banks ready and capable of defending against this malware and these types of attacks?