IT Pro on a presentation given by security expert Bruce Schneier warning we are in the middle of a “cyber arms race” of sorts:

He took the opportunity in his speech to look back on the Sony hack last December. While the fallout from the hack and subsequent damaging leaks from it was reported in the media, Schneier said that despite a lot of evidence pointing toward North Korea being the culprit, many people were not prepared to believe the US government over its claims that the hermit nation was behind the attacks.

“The US saying ‘we know it’s North Korea, trust us’ doesn’t cut it anymore,” he said. Schneier said that secret evidence that spy agencies weren’t prepared divulge to the general public was in part responsible for people’s disbelief that North Korea was connected to the attacks. He said that the US gathered information on the attack as it was spying on South Korea, who in turn was spying on North Korea.

“The US government took three weeks to announce North Korea had attacked Sony,” he said. “Three weeks is not going to cut it, and providing evidence is really tricky, especially in a world where secret evidence is more and more prevalent.”