Bloomberg View on the first in a two-part series on China’s military might, first, the good news had this interesting little gem:

The ability to wage cyberwar is often cited as a potential Chinese trump card. China has developed a large cadre of government-sponsored hackers and cyberwarriors. But just because it has significant assets in cyberspace that should concern us doesn’t mean China is somehow in the lead. The U.S. government rarely refers to its own cyber-offensive abilities, which are highly classified. But in 2013, Keith Alexander, the general who was then in charge of Cyber Command, said they are “the best in the world,” and there has been little reason to doubt the veracity of his claim.

China, Russia, and Iran are probably the most dangerous cyber threats for the United States. It is pretty amazing to see how rapidly China has been able to build up their capabilities, and more impressive just how successful they have been.

Question is: can China keep up in a “cyber arms” race similar to the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War?