Feeling a little lonely and left out of all the IRS hacking fun, the Washington Times reports the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has been breached and data on 4 million federal workers has been compromised:

Hackers stole sensitive personal information on as many as 4 million current and former federal employees from government computers, the Obama administration said Thursday, underscoring the growing threats to data stored even in what are supposed to be the most secure of systems.

The Office of Personnel Management, which is the government’s human resources agency, said it is notifying 4 million people that “personally identifiable information” may have been compromised in the breach.

The government said it will pay for 18 months’ worth of credit monitoring for those who were affected, and OPM Director Katherine Archuleta said they’re rushing to try to improve cybersecurity, and insisted they “take very seriously our responsibility to secure the information stored in our systems.”

The revelation comes on the heels of the IRS’s admission that hackers broke into one of its systems and stole the tax transcripts, including some of the most sensitive information possible, about 104,000 taxpayers. In 13,000 cases the hackers used the new information to file false refund requests, stealing as much as $39 million from the federal government.

As an ex-federal employee, it would appear my records are included in this breach. This is just wonderful news to wake up to on a Friday morning.