WantChinaTimes on how Congress wants DoD to spend US$200m more on cyber warfare capabilities:

The US Congress wants the Pentagon to spend more than US$200 million for a three-year cyber vulnerability assessment of all major weapons systems, according to Bill Gertz, the senior editor of the Washington Free Beacon, in an article on June 1.

Despite the warning of a Pentagon report back in 2013 regarding the vulnerabilities in the cyber security of weapons systems, the US military is lagging behind in closing the software holes, according to the US$612 billion fiscal 2016 defense authorization bill. In addition to US$200 million authorized by the Senate version of the defense bill, an additional US$75 million would be assigned to the US Cyber Command to obtain critical cyber warfare capabilities.

Congress increasing funding for cyber security is not all that surprising. What is interesting is the use of the term “cyber warfare” rather than “cyber defense”. Presumably, this means Congress wants to see Cyber Command strengthen its offensive and signals intelligence capabilities in addition to better defenses.