NetworkWorld on Intel Security scaring a ransomware script kiddie out of business a mere four days after he launched the plot:

The scheme experienced meteoric growth in just days, but once it became public knowledge its architect couldn’t stand the threat of legal problems and is now backing off – which wasn’t the original plan at all.

“Plan A was to stay quiet and hidden,” the coder wrote yesterday on the Tox malware site buried deep behind the onion router (Tor) network. But Plan A was overturned by researchers at Intel Security who found the site and wrote about it just four days after it was set up.

“It’s been funny, I felt alive, more than ever, but I don’t want to be a criminal. The situation is also getting too hot for me to handle, and (sorry to ruin your expectations) I’m not a team of hard core hackers. I’m just a teenager student.” The message is signed “Tox”.

Disclaimer: I work for Intel Security but had nothing to do with this report.