The Guardian on the FBI Assistant Director of Counter-Terrorism telling US congress tech companies should “prevent encryption above all else” because terrorists:

But when the communication is done through encrypted channels, rather than in public, the FBI and others have a much harder time intercepting it. That led Steinbach to appeal to the companies building encryption products.

“There are 200-plus social media companies. Some of these companies build their business model around end-to-end encryption,” Steinbach said.

“When a company, a communications company or a ISP or social media company elects to build in its software encryption, end-to-end encryption, and leaves no ability for even the company to access that, we don’t have the means by which to see the content”, he added.

“When we intercept it, we intercept encrypted communications. So that’s the challenge: working with those companies to build technological solutions to prevent encryption above all else.

If this FBI Assistant Director thinks tech companies need to prevent encryption above all else, then I wonder how he envisions them tackling this task. Does he really expect the world to be completely free from encryption, with only governmental three-letter agencies authorized to use such capabilities?