Just look at that facial expression. Does it instill confidence and give the impression this is a talented, intelligent individual who is extremely capable of running the United States of America?

I think the primary reason I dislike Donald Trump as a US presidential candidate is how he carries himself. It is not necessarily his racist beliefs in things like closing immigration to all muslims, or building a wall between US and Mexico. Rather, it is the arrogance he demonstrates when he mentions these fleeting thoughts.

The way he delivers these toxic ideas is worse than the thoughts themselves. His face is so easy to read when he is standing in front of the TV cameras, almost as if he has a sign hanging above him with an arrow pointing down at his head, and the words, “SMARTER THAN EVERYONE” written above.

Trump actually believes he is smarter than everyone, and therefore never is able to demonstrate any form of empathy or emotion. He has that same forever-entitled look on his face, falsely believing he is the smartest person in the room simply because he was born with a spoon in his ass mouth.

Does the United States really need a president leading the nation who is incapable of sympathy? While one of the leading traits a President needs is strength, they also need to have a soft side and show their ability to truly understand, and even feel, what the average person is feeling. Trump could give two shits, as long as he is increasing power, or amassing more net worth.

I have quite a bit more I can say but this is good for the time being.