RT reports the US Army official public web site has been breached by a Syrian government-backed hacking group:

A hacker group backing the Syrian government claimed responsibility for hacking the official website of the US Army, just hours after President Obama called for new cybersecurity laws at the G-7 summit in Germany.

Army.mil was still down Monday afternoon. Loading a cached version of the site resulted in pop-ups proclaiming the site was “Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army,” and messages such as “Stop training the terrorists!” and “Your government is corrupt don’t listen to it!” reported the National Journal.

Hackers calling themselves the Syrian Electronic Army swiftly took responsibility for the attack, posting images on their Twitter account.

There is no reason why the US Army’s official public web site should be vulnerable to hackers. Although there is limited sensitive data available on the web site, there should be very sophisticated cyber defense measures protecting the military public web sites. The fact hackers were able to successfully breach the site makes me wonder what type of protection architecture has been deployed.