Monocle Magazine has ranked Tokyo the most livable city in the world for the second straight year:

Tokyo is the city of the future, it really speaks to the possibilities of the megalopolis to provide a high standard of living for its residents. There are tradeoffs to living in such a large city. The most obvious tradeoff is that the availability of space is limited. Apartments are tiny, houses are tiny, seats on trains are tiny if you can find one.

What you get in return is convenience and experience. Tokyo has the most interconnected and efficient train system in the world. Tens of millions of passengers are constantly moving through Tokyo’s many train lines that are almost always on time. Having such reliable transportation really does put your mind at ease when it comes to showing up on time for work, or even meeting up with friends. The low-rise small scale nature of Tokyo’s best neighborhoods creates an atmosphere of endless discovery, and unique experiences.

Tokyo really is an exceptional city. It is amazing how far things have come in the past twenty years. I cannot fathom living elsewhere at this point in my life. Tokyo is home.