Ars Technica on UK’s Sunday Times sending DMCA notices to attempt to silence critics of its craptacular Snowden hacking story from this weekend:

This morning, lawyers at Times Newspapers took a step to limit Greenwald’s criticism, sending a notice telling The Intercept that Greenwald’s story, which included a low-res image of the Times‘ front page, violates their copyright. The Intercept quickly published the takedown notice, and on Twitter Greenwald made clear that his publication won’t be deleting his copy of the Times’ “humiliating headline.”

The “infringing” picture of The Sunday Times’ front page, reproduced in part, above, doesn’t have sufficient resolution to allow the article to be read. And Greenwald didn’t reproduce the Timesstory in full, although considering how much he had to say about the piece, doing so would likely be well within his rights.

Sending legal threats was obviously a much smarter strategy than say, you know, basing their reporting on facts and the truth.