Eater on Cronut founder Dominique Ansel unveiling the first cronut flavor for his upcoming Tokyo bakery situated in posh and trendy Omotesando:

Soon, there will be two places in the world to buy an authentic, bona fide Cronut. As the opening date for pastry genius Dominique Ansel’s Tokyo bakery nears, Ansel is teasing out details about the menu and space on Instagram. Last night, he revealed the flavor of the first Cronut of the month: Hokkaido Milk Honey Ganache with Yuzu Lemon Cream.

The flavor actually sounds quite interesting. A yuzu lemon cream sounds simply delightful, and when coupled with a milk honey ganache sounds like it could be quite addicting. Hopefully, as previously discussed, the sugar levels will be low enough to whet the average Japanese appetite. Too sweet, and it will be eaten once and summarily discarded. Made just right, and there will be hour-long lines from now through eternity.

Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan have their own twitter and instagram accounts worth following if you are interesting in staying updated on the latest and greatest original cronut news for Japan.