Breaking Defense on the Coast Guard formalizing and unveiling its new cyber security strategy:

“What is modern warfare going to look like in the 21st century?” asked Adm.Paul Zukunft. “Not that long ago,” he said, workers aboard a mobile offshore drilling unitunwittingly downloaded malware that scrambled the system that kept the floating platform stable. “They drifted off the well site,” the Coast Guard commandant said — with the drill pipe still attached and the well still pumping oil.

“Fortunately, the blowout preventer kicked in and shut it down,” Zukunft continued, preventing a disastrous spill. (It was the blowout preventer that failed on the Deepwater Horizon, where Zukunft coordinated the federal response in 2010). But a more sophisticated cyber attack on US oil and gas could be devastating, and there are people out there with the motive and the means to do it. Russia just happens to have some of the sharpest hackers on the planet, a worsening relationship with the US, and a massive share of the European and Asia natural gas markets.