Nextgov on the Federal CIO proclaiming cyber as “our most important mission today” in the wake of last weeks devastating OPM breach:

Scott said strengthening the federal cybersecurity posture across government agencies is the only way to fully “restore public confidence in government and institutions,” which has undoubtedly decreased following the slew of hacks, breaches and negative cyber-related recent headlines.

Scott, only about four months into his new job as the government’s top techie, has been swift to react to the nation’s cybersecurity issues.

Last week, the White House – led by Scott – launched a 30-day ‘cybersecurity sprint’ to assess and improve agency’s cybersecurity processes, resources and priorities. Emergency procedures include tightening controls for “privileged users” and network administrators, upping the use of multifactor authentication and immediately patching critical software vulnerabilities.

Of course today, a week after the two OPM breaches, the federal CIO claims cyber is important. In a few months, once the media forgets this ever happened, rest assured the US government will be back to business as usual.