This is a slightly older piece of news that I recently ran across and thought was worth sharing. Popular California-based cult coffee cafe Blue Bottle Coffee is seeing so much success in Japan they are planning to open up a third cafe later this year:

Blue Bottle’s first Japan shop, which has a roaster, is in Kiyosumi, an older part of Tokyo, chosen because it reminded Freeman, the founder, of Oakland. It opened in February. The second shop, in a backstreet of Tokyo’s fashionable Omotesando, opened in March.

A third, likely opening later this year in Tokyo’s Daikanyama shopping area, will feature a menu that reflects Blue Bottle’s recent acquisition of San Francisco-based Tartine Bakery, which serves croissants, sandwiches and pastries.

I have never stepped foot near a Blue Bottle cafe but given their popularity I may have to reconsider. When I tried a few smaller niche coffee shops I was unimpressed with the coffee, finding it far too bitter for my palate. Maybe Blue Bottle will be different, though I do not want to be caught in a four-hour line just for a small cup of joe!