Business Insider wonders if cyber security is apparently so important to the US government then why is it so neglected?

But the OPM breach contradicts this rosy picture. Everything – from the decaying legacy systems that the agency maintained to giving privileged access to China-based subcontractors – suggests systematic failure of staggering proportions.

It doesn’t help that the White House cyber czar is a man that has publically bragged about his lack of technology experience or expertise. Security experts have blasted the government’s crusade against encryption and view its new security proposals with scorn and suspicion.

As software engineer and Slate columnist David Auerbach pointed out, the government also – when compared to the private sector – – has nonchalantly ignored the lessons of a stream of hacks that preceded the OPM debacle.

The cybersecurity analyst Brian Krebs assembled a pre-OPM timeline of shame in the last year alone, with (to name a few) intrusions into the government’s now-defunct main background check provider and the company that replaced it. OPM also predictably ignored security warnings from the Office of the Inspector General prior to the hack.

So if cybersecurity is apparently so important, why is it so neglected? Is all of DC’s cyber boom just hot air or a cruel joke? Why are the actual results of all of this cyber-hustling so thoroughly underwhelming?

The million dollar question.