The Los Angeles Times on how the LAPD shot an unarmed man who had his hand wrapped in a towel while waiving down the police for help:

Los Angeles police shot and critically wounded a man after he raised his arm, wrapped in a towel, toward officers Friday in Los Feliz, police said.

Police said officers thought the man had a gun, but he turned out to be unarmed.

The man flagged down officers about 6:35 p.m. at Los Feliz Boulevard and Tica Drive south of Griffith Park, according to a police account.

“This person extended an arm wrapped in a towel. The officer exited the vehicle and said, ‘Drop the gun, drop the gun,'” LAPD Lt. John Jenal said.

Then at least one officer shot the man, officials say. He was taken to a hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

After being shot in the head by the LAPD, while the victim lay motionless on the ground, literally with his brains falling out of his head (caution: graphic video), these two smart cops thought it necessary to place him in handcuffs as if he were going to escape Terminator-style.