Thanks to the recent OPM hack, the hunt for China’s Deep Panda cyber operations team intensifies as eastern Asia cyber war-games heat up:

“The Shell Crew is an extremely efficient and talented group,” Myers said in an interview.Shell Crew, or Deep Panda, are one of several hacking groups that Western cybersecurity companies have accused of hacking into U.S. and other countries’ networks and stealing government, defense and industrial documents.The attack on the OPM computers, revealed this month, compromised the data of 4 million current and former federal employees, raising U.S. suspicions that Chinese hackers were building huge databases that could be used to recruit spies.

China has denied any connection with such attacks and little is known about the identities of those involved in them. But cybersecurity experts are starting to learn more about their methods.

Researchers have connected the OPM breach to an earlier attack on U.S. healthcare insurer Anthem Inc , which has been blamed on Deep Panda.

RSA’s Myers says his team has no evidence that Shell Crew were behind the OPM attack, but believes Shell Crew and Deep Panda are the same group.

If you are keeping score, FireEye does not believe the OPM attack was pulled-off by Deep Panda, but just about every other researchers believe it was this team.

Attribution is a tough game. The fact that there has been no official discussion of this by the US government should be telling.