SC Magazine on the White House criticizing a new bill clarifying the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center mission expanding their responsibilities rather than allowing them to focus on a specific area:

The center will also ensure that all departments and agencies receive the full intelligence support needed to “execute the cyber threat intelligence activities of such agencies and to perform independent alternative analyses.”

Furthermore, it will coordinate cyber threat intelligence activities and conduct strategic cyber threat intelligence planning for the federal government.

Even with all these responsibilities, the center will not be allowed to employ more than 50 permanent positions, and it will be located in a building owned or operated by an “element of the intelligence community.”

The White House Administration noted in its statement that it intended the center to focus on “connecting the dots” around malicious foreign cyber threats and cyber incidents affecting U.S. national interests. The bill, however, “seeks to significantly expand CTIIC’s roles and responsibilities,” the statement said.

What the US government needs right now is a single agency whose sole focus is on that “connecting the dots” piece of cyber security. Why expand the CTIIC mission beyond that when the NSA is more than capable of performing many of those tasks, and likely already does?