This is more as a reminder for myself than anything, but if you want to know howto opt-out of Tynt, a crappy piece of advertising and tracking technology, then this is how you can turn that shit off. If you use multiple browsers, you will have to hit the site in each one to turn tracking off.

Not sure what Tynt is? Chances are you have run across it in your travels on the internets but just never realized or recognized Tynt. If you have ever copy-and-pasted content from the web and seen the “if you would like to read the full article, visit {link}”, that is Tynt. It is a method for publishers to track visitors, and simultaneously annoy the hell out of people by adding unnecessary poop to the clipboard.

Tent looks something like this when you copy-and-paste from a web-based publisher using their crappy Javascript application:

Tynt is the worst piece of web software on the market today.

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Another simple, system-wide method to turn off tracking is to modify your hosts file so the important Tynt host is no longer reachable. You can do that by adding this simple line:

Theoretically, this should prevent Tynt from working on your system no matter which browser you use. It is probably a good idea to add this hosts file entry and use the aforementioned opt-out method.

I had been meaning to turn Tynt off for quite some time but was just plain lazy until recently. Now that I know how, I wanted to both put this here as a reminder for myself for the future, as well as help anyone else in need of this information.