Reuters on China saying it is up to the United States to resume cyber security talks if the US is willing to discuss the facts:

Last year China shut down a bilateral working group on cyber security after the United States charged five Chinese military officers with hacking American firms.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said Internet security was something that the international community needed tackle together, as it was a common problem.

“China and the United States had previously always had a good dialogue mechanism on issues of Internet security. Because of reasons that everyone knows about, and not because of China, this dialogue has stopped,” Lu told a daily news briefing in Beijing.

“Speaking by seeking truth from the facts, resuming these talks probably needs the United States to properly handle the relevant issue to create conditions for dialogue,” he added.

More than 400 Chinese officials are in Washington for the annual talks under the wide-ranging Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) framework, which will involve eight U.S. cabinet secretaries.

All this political posturing about the US-China cyber security relationship reminds me of Cold War-era nightly news.