BBC on the US raising cyber hacking concerns with China during recent talks in Washington DC:

Earlier this month, the Chinese were blamed for a security breach involving the records of four million past and present US federal employees.

Speaking in Washington at the end of the talks, US Secretary of State John Kerry said the two countries would now work together to come up with a code of cyber conduct.

“There was an honest discussion, without accusations, without any finger-pointing, about the problem of cyber theft and whether or not it was sanctioned by government or whether it was hackers and individuals that the government has the ability to prosecute.”

The US made it “crystal clear” that this was not acceptable, Mr Kerry added.

I am quite sure the US made it “crystal clear” this was unacceptable, however it will not stop any cyber operations because attribution is difficult, and China knows the risk of them being identified as the culprits is low.

Bottom line: China is going to continue to hack the US while at the same time you can rest assured the US will continue its campaigns against China.