TheNextWeb on Samsung jackassery whereby they are surreptitiously disabling Windows Update on their computers, preventing users from leveraging the standard automated security patch installation feature Windows has offered for quite some time:

The app, conspicuously named Disable_Windowsupdate.exe, is installed automatically without the owner’s knowledge. According to a support representative, it’s there to stop the computer from automatically downloading drivers from Windows Update that could be incompatible with the system or cause features to break.

Unfortunately for Samsung it also appears to change the user’s update settings and disables Windows Update entirely. Once installed, the app even disables Windows Update after the user re-enables it.

Samsung’s software update service doesn’t actually ship with the application installed, it’s silently downloaded in the background at a later time from a non-HTTPS server and installed without asking the user.

Disable_Windowsupdate.exe is signed with Samsung’s security certificate, confirming the company did create it.

There is no worldly reason why a computer manufacturer should prevent users from installing security updates. None. At. All.