Ars Technica on an horribly thought out support feature that now has Cisco warning of a default SSH key exploit on their appliances:

The common default key was apparently inserted into the software, Fisher reported, for “support reasons.”

The second vulnerability on the same set of virtual appliances is “a preinstalled set of SSH host keys that allow access to communication secured by those keys,” Cisco’s security team warned in the advisory. These keys are used to protect appliance-to-appliance communications. “Because all deployments of WSAv or ESAv use the same set of default SSH host keys, accessing any of the private keys on a single deployment could allow an attacker to decrypt communication on WSAv, ESAv, or SMAv,” the advisory stated. “At attacker with possession of compromised keys, who is able to intercept traffic between the WSAv or ESAv and a host it is communicating with, would be able to decrypt the communication with a man-in-the-middle attack.”