Huffington Post on a hunky gorilla at a Nagoya zoo that has Japanese female fans flocking and falling in love:

Shabani is reportedly a devoted father to his two children. He was born in the Netherlands and raised in Australia before settling with two female mates in Japan.

CNN reports that Shabani’s enclosure at the zoo is surrounded by fans, who shout “Look at me, Shabani!” and “This way, Shabani!” when he comes out.

They reportedly post pictures of the sexy primate, calling him “too handsome” or “ikemen,” a word that normally describes an attractive young man.

When the Daily Mail asked zookeeper Allan Schmidt if Shabani’s popularity surprised him, he replied: “No, because the Japanese are crazy … The Japanese love their fads.”

This story is both a bit creepy while at the same time quite believable. Japan most definitely loves its fads, however I would not go so far as to call Japanese people crazy.

The Japanese are no crazier than their American counterparts when it comes to fads. After all, is was America who turned Honey Boo Boo into a television sensation, among other peculiar trends.