While doing my normal daily reading on Zite, I ran across this article on a new title capitalization plugin for WordPress to help make it more convenient to properly capitalize content when writing blog posts:

If you’re a writer, keeping up with all the rules in the English language is tough. One rule I struggle with is properly capitalizing words in post titles and headings. Thankfully, there’s a plugin that takes care of this called Title Capitalization For WordPress developed by Tom McFarlin.

When activated, post titles and content are processed whenever a post is saved as a draft, published, or updated. The rules applied are based on a title case script by John Gruber. The post title and content is saved to the database overwriting anything that was previously written. Changes apply to new posts however, you can update previously published posts by editing them.

Just my kind of plugin: one making the tedious and extraneous things easier thus allowing for more focus on the the important stuff – the content.