re/code on famed security researcher Mudge – aka Peiter Zatko – leaving Google to join US government service to help automate software security assurance:

Peiter Zatko, a respected computer security researcher better known by the nickname Mudge, says he’s leaving his job at Google to explore ways to help U.S. government make software more secure.

Zatko announced the move on Twitter.

An Obama Administration official tells Re/code that recent advances in using automated methods to analyze software code for vulnerabilities have spurred interest in government circles to see if there’s a way to standardize how software is tested for security and safety. “The Administration has had some discussions about the potential pros and cons of such a system and how it might be implemented,” the official said. The administration is interested supporting a feasibility study to determine if such techniques could work, the official said, but stressed that no plans have been finalized.

A former researcher with DARPA, the research arm of the U.S. Department of Defense, he joined Google along with fellow DARPA alum Regina Dugan to work on security research at the search giant’s Advanced Technologies and Projects Group.

This appears to be a big win for the US government, which is in bad shape lately and in need of brighter minds to help it close the many remaining open gaps.