VentureBeat with a very provocative article on how the future of the cyber security industry requires human and machines to work symbiotically as predictive cyber attack analysis becomes increasingly more accurate, thus helping analysis to focus on exactly what is important:

We often think of the future as a battle for control between humans and machines, but in the world of security, we need a symbiotic relationship. The only way we can solve this problem is if humans train machines to do basic functions so that they can do the more important work.

To give one example already in use today, Google’s PageRank algorithm shows search results based on what links a user clicks most often — and then uses that data to inform what it shows the next person. Security platforms need to implement the same kind of supervised machine learning so that humans can teach the machines what to look for when assessing immediate threats and anomalies.

This structure will also provide a new weapon to defend our online borders. Based on deep learning and supervised AI, security professionals will get to the information that matters most before the attacks actually happen. A human expert would be hard pressed (actually, it would be impossible) to deliver the kinds of results needed for today’s complex security environment, but a new AI-armed security force would not only identify what has been compromised but also have the ability to quickly isolate the attack and prevent further harm.

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