Irish Times on Japan considering moving elderly families from Tokyo to relieve the congestion overpopulation in the city has created:

Over the next decade, the population of over-75s in greater Tokyo will grow by 1.75 million, warns the council. Looking after 5.7 million very elderly people will overwhelm already stretched services; for one thing, it predicts, more than 130,000 could be left without beds in care homes.

Diffusing Japan’s demographic time-bomb has become something of a political obsession.

By 2060, Japan’s population is projected to fall from 127 million to about 87 million, of which almost 40 per cent will be 65 or older. Last year the government pledged to somehow stem the fall at 100 million.

That is some way to thank older Tokyo residents who dedicated their life to the city – shove them in the backwoods to die alone. What is wrong with people?