Foxtrot Alpha has some major fleecing of America news, explaining a newly released report detailing how the F-35 is incapable of beating the F-16 – the plane its meant to replace – in a dogfight:

Which is why the candid report described in the War Is Boring article finally gives us a good first hand account as to how capable – or incapable as it may be – the F-35 is in the within-visual-range fight.

The test pilot flying the F-35 makes it very clear that the new jet, even in its ideal configuration without any external stores, was no match against a Block-40 F-16C in a less-than-ideal configuration with a pair of under-wing fuel tanks,

In dogfighting, energy is everything, and if your enemy has more kinetic and potential energy for maneuvers than you do, then you’re toast.

The report even goes into what is akin to a fairly desperate move usually only used in one-on-one air combat maneuvers, known as a rudder reversal, that the F-35 is apparently decent at performing at slow speeds. The fact that this was even detailed in the report as a useful tactic is telling. In reality, using such maneuvers means you are probably going to die if any other bad guys are in the area as it rapidly depletes the aircraft’s energy state, leaving it vulnerable to attack.

Another area that the test pilot highlights on is the F-35’s abysmal rearward visibility.

What a monumental waste of American tax dollars. That this jet has been in development for over a decade should be telling enough.

The Air Force has been pushing this aircraft as its fighter of the future. It sounds like its going to be their loser of the future if this report is accurate, and I have no reason to doubt its veracity. If this is our best then I really am afraid for the future of our military.